Monday, August 28, 2006

Bbbbrrring …Bbbbrrring ….

Hi there … yeah, it’s me … well clearly I AM still breathing or we wouldn’t be having this conversation … uh huh … uh huh … *glances at watch* …. uhhh huhhhh ….. Yes, I’m still really, really busy at work ... Actually, it's going pretty well, but there’s still a lot to be done … Well, of COURSE I miss you! Look, don’t I still drop by whenever I have a few minutes? …. I know it’s not like a proper visit, but it’s the best I can do right now … When will things be back to normal? Well, I’m not sure exactly. It depends on what the boss thinks … No, I can’t say when that’ll be … No, I really don’t know … Really …. No, REALLY! … Alright. Maybe by the end of this week – maybe next – I’ll have some free time … right … yeah … No, I’ll let you know … Yes I WILL! ...‘K then. I’ll be back in touch soon. Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I've just had a "surprise" project dumped into my lap - again! - so I'll won't have much time to post for the next little while. I'll keep up to date with your lives as much as possible, though ... Promise!

In the meantime, think kindly of me and my incipient tendonitis!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Today, in my purse, I am carrying:
- 1 wallet
- 1 chequebook
- 1 chequebook holder containing additional cards (membership, business, etc.), stamps, taxi chits, and a paper tape-measure
- 1 cellphone
- 1 cellphone recharger
- 1 tampon
- 2 pill boxes containing ibuprophen (a.k.a. Advil)
- 1 pill box containing Tylenol 2
- 1 “Power Bar” sport energy bar (chocolate – peanut butter flavour)
- 1 glasses case (navy blue) containing 1 pair of clip-on sunglasses and a cleaning cloth
- 1 glasses repair kit
- 1 half-empty bottle of clear nail polish (for repairing runs in stockings)
- 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer, two-thirds full
- 1 squeeze-bottle of moisturiser
- 1 hard-backed, spiral-bound notebook (red, 5 ½” x 3 ½”) containing to-do lists, references, addresses and phone numbers, and other miscellaneous scribbles
- 1 paperback novel – A Letter of Mary (Laurie R. King) – with bookmark
- A map of downtown Kingston
- Ticket stubs for a concert by Measha Bruggergosman that took place last March
- A wallet-sized 2006 calendar
- A Victorinox “SwissCard” (like a swiss army knife in a credit card)
- A solar-powered calculator
- A pair of ear-plugs
- A copy of my weight-training programme
- 1 silver hoop earring (I have no idea where its mate is)
- A small blue velvet jewellery box – for putting my earrings in when I go to the gym
- 4 bus tickets
- A 1910 postcard of a woman in pyjamas posed by a turned-down brass bed (I am planning to have it framed)
- A small sewing kit
- One of those up-market “shoelace” things used to hang your id-card around your neck
- A pair of folding scissors
- My business card
- Himself’s business card
- A broken watch I’m planning to have repaired (it used to belong to my mother)
- Kleenex
- No fewer than seven hair elastics (various styles and colours)
- 13 bobby pins
- A pair of tweezers
- Two eyeliner pencils (both brown)
- Lipstick
- Face powder
- An emery board
- 1 peppermint candy stick
- 3 spearmint hard candies
- 1 ½ rolls of Breathsavers (wintergreen flavour)
- A bunch of keys

My co-worker carries:
- His wallet
- His glasses in a case
- 2 keys